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3 Ways To Drive More Sleep Apnea Patients Today

Oct 25, 2022 | Sleep Apnea Marketing | 0 comments

Do your potential patients know they have better options than a CPAP to treat their Sleep Apnea? Are they aware of the benefits of seeing a dentist vs. a traditional sleep clinic or doctor?

Because sleep apnea treatment options such as oral appliances are newer to the market, patients are reluctant to seek treatment. The biggest struggle for many dentists entering the sleep apnea field is attracting new patients, and the industry has historically had very few good ideas.

If you’re tired of driving to doctor’s offices begging for referrals, you’re in the right place. Say goodbye to those agonizing drives and start enjoying the freedom sleep medicine promised. Here are three ways you can drive more sleep apnea patients to your clinic today:

Understanding The Market

Because potential patients have a range of healthcare options to choose from they are constantly looking for the best in care. They have a checklist of sorts to determine which physician or dentist they’d like to visit.

A few things pertinent to most checklists include:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Customer reviews

Delivering easy to digest information on these topics is an easy win for most practices. By tailoring your marketing messaging, your brand language, and standardizing your digital presence with accurate information, your practice will be able to target these informed consumers and start delivering a world-class patient experience from the first touch they have with your brand.


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Facebook and Google Ads

Google and Facebook Ads have completely changed the marketing landscape and how businesses reach consumers. Rather that just billboards or radio ads where you spend a lot of money to hit a lot of people that aren’t your customers, you can now:

  1. Instantly reach precisely the audience you want, when they’re ready to buy
  2. Know exactly what is working and what isn’t
  3. Get more leads for the same budget through optimization from the data gathered.

Google advertisements are great because Google is the world’s leading search engine – that is, everyone’s first instinct is to Google their symptoms! Let’s say someone’s googling their symptoms and they realize they have sleep apnea, what’s the next thing they search for? Treatment options – and this is where your advertisement steps in.

More people are aware of the dangers of sleep apnea now and are seeking treatment. A good campaign will hit patients at multiple points of need, such as testing, treatment, and alternatives. There are nearly 50k searches per month for Sleep Apnea Treatment, over 12k for sleep apnea testing, and nearly 20k for CPAP alternatives. If you aren’t there when these patients are searching, you’re missing out on thousands in revenue.

Facebook adverts are the best way to reach many people quickly and cheaply. The key is to focus entirely on people who want an alternative treatment option to their CPAP. It’s the most popular social media application there is and the best way to get in front of your patients before they even start looking for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a powerful marketing tool that makes use of keywords entered into a search engine, such as Google. In this case, the keywords would be ‘sleep apnea,’ ‘alternative CPAP treatments, ‘sleep apnea dentists,’ or ‘best sleep apnea dentist clinics.’ The key to writing content that performs for SEO is to write it for the users first – trying to appease Google while writing content that is confusing or not useful for patients may result in traffic, but very rarely conversions. Taking the intent of searchers into mind, you can write around the key items that they care about – treatment options, FAQs, pricing, and more.

Pairing easy to read and intent based copy on your web pages with an active content marketing program of 1-2 content pieces per month is the key formula to raise the reputation of your site and get your brand in front of the right patients at the right time.

Google Business Pages

Don’t forget Google Business Pages though. This is SEO too. A well-optimized Maps listing with a lot of reviews is key to being found locally so you can get more free leads for people seeking a sleep apnea clinic!

Google Business Pages essentially provides a comprehensive outlook of you, your clinic, and the services that you provide. Think about it as if you were the healthcare consumer in this case – would you rather sift endlessly through multiple websites, or would you read the first couple of pages of a site that comprehensively sums up everything a healthcare setting has to offer?

The business page includes pictures, contact information, and reviews, and connects to Google Maps for patients to determine how far you are from them!

To find out how to exectute on these channels and more, reach out to our team anytime for a FREE consultation call and we will get to you know you and your practice!