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6 Essential Elements For A Dental Sleep Medicine Website That Converts New Patients

Nov 17, 2022 | Sleep Apnea Marketing | 0 comments

You’ve set up your business entity, done all the training, paid the consultant, and you’re finally ready to start taking patients! There are many strategies to getting patients, but no matter what approach you take you’re going to need a website for people to learn about you.

Now, you’re a highly trained medical professional and not a website designer, so hiring a web design company to build your sleep apnea website is the smart move.

But how do you find a website company that you can trust? Budget is important, but more important is finding a web design and marketing company that understands the unique requirements of marketing to sleep apnea patients. Better to spend $5000 now for a great site that converts patients than $2500 for a site that wastes marketing dollars that you’ll have to replace for $5000 later.

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Addressing The Problem

You may not have a website yet, or you may be doing marketing now and not seeing a good return on that investment, or have no idea how many people are coming to your website currently (if you’re the latter, read #2 here). Either way, you know its critical to have a website that can convert your marketing and sales efforts into new patients.

Many of our clients come to us claiming their marketing didn’t work, only to find out that they got a lot of leads and traffic, but weren’t able to turn them into delivered appliances. This is a tougher problem in sleep apnea marketing: your audience that’s attracted to your site is surely targeted – that is, they probably either think they may have sleep apnea or know that they do. Then, how come they aren’t looking toward you for the solution?
That’s the problem – now we’ll talk about where the problem lies: your website. Here’s the three key mistakes made in choosing a website company:

  • Picking a flashy and appealing design, and ignoring the content and fundamental structure that will attract and convert patients.
  • Trusting companies that may be good at marketing, and may even be good at dental marketing, but aren’t well-versed in sleep apnea treatments or the extra steps it takes to convert a reluctant sleep apnea patient.
  • Writing the content yourself thinking it needs to be written by an expert, only to lose patients who can’t understand it.

As a company focusing exclusively on sleep apnea, we know your patient and what you need to get them to choose you.

The Six Essential Elements To Convert Patients

1. Outline The Problem

Your marketing should state that you’re a sleep apnea dentist – this clearly outlines your target audience. That is people who either know that they have sleep apnea or suspect that they do. You need content that demonstrates your expertise while exhibiting a clear, easy process.

Basically, your homepage content needs to outline the problem (sleep apnea) in the following manner:

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Insurance You Take
  • Process to get Tested
  • Treatment Options (and why your Oral Appliances are better than a CPAP)
Oral Appliance Therapy
2. Useful Content

You might also want to consider curating your website to make sure that there’s something in it for everyone. Your target audience revolves around those who either have sleep apnea, suspect that they do, or suspect that someone they know has OSA.

Useful content for these niche categories would include:

  • A page where they can check off their signs and symptoms to determine if they have OSA
  • Treatment options outlining their benefits, side effects, long-term efficiency, and such
  • What insurance you take
  • Marketing content – Why dental sleep apnea treatment is better than CPAP alternatives
  • Everything the average Joe would need to know about sleep apnea testing
3. How You Can Help

The audience is there, they’re engaged, and now you’re going to try to convert them into patients. How would you go about that? By including a dedicated page or a section that outlines the following:

  • The process from start to finish
  • Who will they be dealing with
  • Your credentials
  • Patient testimonials
  • How to contact to get started
Sleep Apnea Website
4. Use Insurance Logos Prominently

One of the first things patients want to know is whether their insurance will cover treatment, so you should use the logos of the insurance providers you accept prominently on your site, as well as a full list elsewhere on the site.

This would ensure that people with those insurance carriers would come to you!

    5. Oral Device Therapies

    At the end of the day, you’re trying to get more people to come through that door. What’s the best way to go about it? By giving them the treatment options that you provide and explaining why your oral device therapies are better than other devices.

    Remember: Most people on your site are looking for alternatives to CPAP machines!

    Make sure to really sell your therapies, as a marketing strategist would. However, be as insightful as a dentist would be to keep things informational and professional.

    6. Forms That Lead To Responses

    Our programs drives hundreds of forms and phone calls for our clients every month, and the biggest complaint we get from the industry at large is how often prospective patients don’t reply to phone calls after submitting screeners and forms.

    To increase your response rates, add an appointment picker at the bottom of your forms requiring the patient pick a day and time to receive a call from you. You may receive slightly less forms from people that weren’t serious anyway, but you’ll get a much higher rate of people answering your calls because they’re expecting it.

    Bonus of this: it will save your staff time making multiple calls and follow ups!

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