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Adding Your Branding Perspective

Feb 2, 2024 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

You’ll start narrowing down on a brand identity during your brand build. This involves understanding how you want to talk about sleep apnea on your website, your educational and teaching approach, how you speak about treatment, and how you want patients to feel when they leave your website and social media. We call this your branding perspective.

It is essential that your brand reflects you and how you want to be perceived. Don’t feel like you have to write boring, keyword-jammed, SEO-focused content. Don’t feel like you have to write the content as if it’s going to be published in a medical journal unless you want to! You can be creative in how you write your content. Do you want to spark feelings of empathy? Or humor? Whatever tone you choose for your brand, ensure that you establish a foundation of trust with your readers.

Writing on an empty page can be pretty daunting, and it’s hard to get creative when you don’t have anything to start from. As treatment providers, you already have many of these things established, just not down on paper!

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Branding Cohesion

Brand cohesion is a big piece of your overall marketing success. Brand cohesion is essentially the impression your brand makes on others and how you portray your brand to others, every single time. To have a well-kept, well-established brand cohesion, you must be consistent with your marketing and branding. 

When someone reads what you have to say online – your website, your social media sites, etc. that message should also be consistent through every channel and even when they come into the office. If you’ve positioned your brand to be very funny and whimsical and then they call your office and get a stuffy reception with no personality, that’s not a tremendous cohesive experience! Decide how you want your brand to come across to others and align all segments of your company the same way. 

Answering Your Clients Questions Through a FAQ Section

Reverse marketing and branding engineering often reconstruct how people think and act. 

Here you can build your brand, website, and channels to align with your customer feedback and the important questions you have been asked as practitioners. 


An easy way to produce excellent website content is to utilize your real patient’s real questions.

You likely receive similar questions and concerns from each client you talk to during your initial conversations and consultations – Questions about cost, insurance, how long to wear an appliance, etc. These are all great sources for frequently asked questions. If a patient is asking you these questions during the consultation, it is likely they have Googled those questions before. This is where we suggest having a section for FAQs on your website! 

These FAQs can be customized to each page. Questions about testing are included on the test pages. You can even include questions about CPAP alternatives on the respective page, that way you are serving relevant questions on the right pages for your readers! 

You can use these FAQs in many other ways, including in email responses to inquiries, as scripts for your administrative staff, and more. 

Another way to reverse engineer your conversations is to think about the most common things or statements you say during each consultation! Putting those facts on the website will help build a consistent experience as the user interacts with your brand. 

If someone visits your website, reads about your treatment method, and then you reinforce that message during your initial consultation it helps the reader establish trust in your practice to seek treatment. 

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