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Building a Brand Presence Patients Trust

Mar 7, 2024 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

Connecting with patients has never been easier. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, the days of the Yellow Pages being the singular source of local business information are no more. There are hundreds of websites where you can put your information for free to market your business. But knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

Building a solid foundation for your business presence will help you:

  1. Gain visibility in all the places your patients spend time. 
  2. Create a positive first impression of your practice to patients.
  3. Build trust with patients, determining who to choose to help them.
  4. Ensure maximum performance of all your marketing efforts.

Google preaches expertise, authority, and trust when they rank a website, and for good reason – every person on the web is looking for someone they can trust, and the stakes are highest regarding the topic of health. Businesses that put in the time and effort to deliver a professional yet personable experience will be rewarded with a consistent flow of patients coming to them.

Why You Need to Focus on Your Digital Footprint

Why do you need a Google Business Page anyway? Do people even use Bing? Do I really have to have a Yelp page? Why do I need to manage all this stuff?

The answer is simple: patients expect you to be here!

Their journey from getting them thinking about getting sleep apnea treatment to actually getting treatment and choosing a provider is long. They’re asking friends and neighbors, seeing Inspire ads on TV, or hearing a competitor’s ad on the radio.

But soon, they’re going to “Doctor Google.” They’re researching symptoms. They’re watching videos. They’re reading articles trying to self-diagnose before going in and looking at the map listings for a provider near them. 

The more often you show up across this journey, the more likely it is they will choose you. It is psychologically proven by the Mere-Exposure Effect that your patients typically need to engage with your brand 5 to 7 times before choosing you for treatment.

But it’s not enough to just be there; you must also stand out. 

Consider the dynamics of online engagement now. Your patients spend 7 hours online every day looking at over 140 websites.

All of this means two things:

  1. It’s difficult to stand out in all the content and noise.
  2. You have very little time to engage and make an impression with patients.

It may sound daunting, but two keys to success are so straightforward you would think everyone would do it. They are:

  1. Consistency

    If you are consistent with your branding, content, and image across multiple digital platforms and channels, your clients will gain confidence and trust in your practice. Remaining consistent with your platforms will make it easier for your patients to reach out and contact you whether that be via your website, Google page, or social media pages.

    This is not just important for patients, but Google uses it as a “trust” factor for ranking businesses. It’s called NAP Consistency, standing for “Name – Address – Phone Number.” If these aren’t the same across all your listings, even Google sees you as untrustworthy.

  2. Accuracy

    Studies show that 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they find incorrect or inconsistent contact details when they look a company up online. Accuracy is important, especially within the medical field. Ensure your content is accurate and your contact details are correct so that clients can contact you and schedule an appointment. 

    There is nothing worse than spending money on advertising, only to see it wasted when a patient gets the wrong phone number when they try to call you!

    You’d think this would be obvious, but a 2019 study showed nearly 50% of online business listings have incorrect information. Their loss is your opportunity to stand out, grab the patient’s attention, and drive them to choose you for treatment.

  3. Are you worried you may have wrong or old information about your business but can’t spend the time checking every single listing out there? Use our Free Marketing Health Analysis tool that will give you a report of all the major listing sites’ information about your business and more, including an analysis of your website health.