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Converting Traffic Into Leads

Feb 2, 2024 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

We’ve created the brand, built a beautiful website, and written your web content, now it’s time to get down to business. The end goal is to have people view your website and visit your practice! 

Ads – Will They Bring Me Patients?

Creating a new brand and a website doesn’t instantly result in traffic, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee good leads. That’s what marketing is for! 

Despite the buzz around Ads or social media or really any paid marketing effort, they will only take you so far. Your marketing may lead people to your website but won’t necessarily lead them to your practice. Your website needs to convince them that you’re the solution to their sleep problems and guide them to fill out the form or make a call to convert those visitors to paying patients.

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How to Convert Form Fills to Leads

Converting page/website visitors to leads starts with the vital messaging we have been working on. 

How do we get those form fill-outs to lead to viable, valuable paying customers/clients?

When we started in sleep, this was our exact experience. Lane and I hopped on our first monthly review call with our marketing dashboard pulled up which showed 100 leads for the month. We practically high-fived over Zoom when the client joined and didn’t look so happy. Out of those 100 so-called qualified leads, only 10% of them even answered the phone when the team reached out. And of that 10%, the number that were genuinely interested and came into the office was only a fraction of that. 

So, what happened? Clearly, people are searching for treatment – we counted those leads, listened to their calls, and made sure to weed out the spam form submissions. The leads were real, they just weren’t turning into patients.

Luckily we solved this (now those 100 leads turn into 20-30 appliances every month). How did we do it?

Make It Easy to Convert

The first step is making the form fill-out process easy – Is your form easy to find? Is it easy to fill in? Is the process easy for future clients to go to book a consultation with your practice?

You have to make things easy so that readers aren’t sifting through multiple pages to get to a form and they’re not stuck on pages without a menu or a funnel.

This is especially important on mobile phones (which is most of your traffic), where users will bounce more quickly if they can’t find what they need due to your forms being buried at the bottom or your website not being responsive to their screen size, creating errors that don’t allow them to submit the form at all.

Callback Appointment Widgets!

Every form on our sleep websites includes a scheduler requiring the patient to specify a time they are available to receive a call back from you. Why did we do this?

  1. It eliminates all the people who aren’t serious about talking to you about treatment and just want to take a quiz.
  2. It allows the patient to tell you when they will be free to take a call, not picking up their kids from school or at work.
    1. It also meant they would be ready to take a call from an unknown number, drastically increasing the likelihood of them answering.
  3. It saves your staff time placing multiple calls trying to connect with a patient. You know when they’ll be available; there is no guessing or phone tag.

This decreased our lead totals initially but drastically improved the conversion rates as our clients had far more conversations to move patients forward into treatment.

There is another major piece to this we call our Patient Conversion System, which we cover in Section 5: How to Turn Marketing Leads into Patients. If you’re interested in learning more about automating patient communications for higher conversion rates and better long-term ROI from your marketing, let us know, and we’ll be sure to send it to you when it’s live.

Conversion optimization is critical to a website tasked with converting leads to patients, but did you know 48% of people said that website design was the #1 way they determine the credibility of your business? See if your website passes the test with our Ultimate Sleep Website Checklist.

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