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How to Get Sleep Apnea Patients for Free from Google Maps

Nov 18, 2022 | Sleep Apnea Marketing | 0 comments

After your website, your Google Business Page (Google Maps) is the #1 way to get free sleep apnea leads. Our clients get upwards of 30+ unique calls a month from their listings. Find out how you can maximize this critical tool to grow your dental sleep practice.

1. Make sure your Primary Category is Sleep Clinic.

This has proven via testing to be the best performing category for ranking highly for sleep apnea terms. Your primary category is one of your top rankings factors, so make sure you have this correct.

a. This is also why setting up a separate sleep apnea brand is key to getting the most patients. If your primary category is dentist it makes it much harder to show up for Sleep Apnea terms, even if its one of your additional categories.

Sleep Apnea Google My Business Page
Sleep Apnea Google Maps Page

2. Make sure Sleep or Sleep Apnea is in your Business Name.

It may not be ideal but it’s the truth: having keywords in your business name helps you rank better for those keywords. We’ve had clients actually change their business names entirely in order to influence rankings and it works. Now we’re not saying you need to go full “ER Near me” but having at least sleep and if possible, your city name in your legal business name will give you a boost in rankings.

3. Add Insurance you take.

Google allows medical listings to add insurance you take right in the listing. This won’t help your rankings, but it will increase the number of phone calls you get as patients are able to answer one of their most important questions before reaching out.

Google Business Pages
Sleep Apnea Google Reviews

4. Add your Frequently Asked Questions.

Speaking of questions, you can address most of the questions your staff gets right in your Google Business Listings. Most businesses don’t know they can add their own questions and answers to preemptively address any common concerns they get, which should help turn more visitors into phone calls and leads.

5. Add your services as products.

It may sound like the Products section isn’t for you, but you as a sleep apnea treatment provider can add your treatments as products! This makes your listing more informative and also provides more context to Google around what you do, making it easier to rank you highly for your services.

Sleep Apnea Google Business

3. Ask for AND respond to reviews –

All businesses know they need to be getting more reviews, but many don’t realize they should respond to all reviews as well. A 2021 survey showed 89% of consumers are ‘highly’ or ‘fairly’ likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews. It demonstrates to potential patients that your reputation and service quality is important to you, and even when you get a negative review, you address it to make your business better, which builds trust.

Our years of experience working with sleep apnea practices means we already know all the best practices and tricks to get our clients results quickly. If you are just starting your sleep practice or want more patients without having to get more doctors referrals, book a strategy meeting with us here.