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How to Double Your Sleep Apnea Cases Without Spending More on Marketing

Oct 25, 2022 | Sleep Apnea Marketing | 0 comments

For most Sleep Apnea Dentists marketing has been a challenge – agencies promising the world and underdelivering, channels with promise that do not convert into patients, and a struggling bottom-line paid out to services and contractors.


Marketing online has never been easier than it is in 2022 – every platform has a self-serve option and there is a huge market for dental marketing companies competing for your marketing dollars.

Making the right investments in marketing is key, but where Sleep Apnea Leads has found the key is what happens after those leads come in – treating each lead with a proper process to walk them from interest to closing is how you can turn your marketing budget into a money machine.

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Marketing is Patient Experience

The best way to make sure that your marketing tools aren’t just being seen but are gathering an audience is to evaluate their performance by recording marketing calls, reviewing customer experiences, and having transcripts at hand that detail the sort of questions customers ask, the objections they have, and the treatment options that they’re looking for.

Before we get into the marketing strategy, let’s review a few questions most sleep apnea patients have from their dentists:

  • What insurance providers are accepted?
  • How much does an Oral Appliance cost?
  • Will I be able to sleep better at night with oral treatment alone?
  • What makes oral therapy better than CPAP therapy?
  • Will I have to come back routinely?
  • Are there any adverse effects to using oral devices for sleep apnea treatment?

The aforementioned are but a few of the most frequently asked questions or objections sleep apnea patients have with their dentists. Training and performing mock calls with your Sleep Coordinators is the easiest way to keep interested patients engaged and moving through your process.

Potential patients are looking for short, concise answers using layman’s terms to help validate their decision to move forward with treating their Obstructive Sleep Apnea – and it’s your job to deliver them a great experience that ends in treatment!

Digital Strategies to Double Your Patients

Record and Analyze Incoming Leads

You’ve got your marketing channels humming and your targeting dialed in – now what is happening between the phone ringing and an appointment being booked? For many dentists this is a blind spot and analyzing how many potential patients are being missed is difficult.

By recording incoming calls and analyzing them on a regular basis, you can find gaps in your client intake system, technical issues, and invaluable data for your marketing teams on what is working and what isn’t. 



Review Your Patient Intake Process

The most common questions asked by incoming leads is great marketing material and is a great training opportunity. By reviewing these on a frequent basis you can hone in your process, how your team handles tough to answer questions, and analyze what kinds of answers work best for your potential patients. 

Here is what Sleep Apnea Leads has learned over the years:

  • Everyone values their time. If you go into too much detail about the condition, treatment options, and procedures, the caller will lose interest and trail off.
  • Keep things short and simple. The goal of the initial contact is to get the patient to a sleep test and meeting with your sleep coordinator. 
  • Simplify your new patient processes by using technology – making patients fill out forms twice, complicated enrollment, and things like that have a negative affect on their conversion rate.


Staff Training & Ongoing Learning

The number one point of failure we see is with Sleep Coordinators and Office Staff who are unprepared and unable to handle incoming leads. Calling on form submissions and fielding incoming calls from patients who have not been directly referred takes a gentle touch and expert knowledge that can only be gained through strong training and repetitions. 

We recommend educating your staff about sleep apnea, and its treatment options, and even prepare a script of standard questions and answers to help them the next time an inquisitive patient calls!


If you’re ready to take your marketing dollars to the maximum, the expert team at Sleep Apnea Leads is ready to provide you with an out-of-the-box training and documentation plan today. Click below to schedule a meeting with one of our founders!