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Sleep Apnea Marketing Case Study 

Sleep Apnea Solutions + Sleep Apnea Leads

Sleep Apnea Solutions & Sleep Apnea Leads

Sleep Apnea Solutions’ collaboration with Sleep Apnea Leads transformed their marketing approach, significantly increasing their online presence, patient leads, and overall practice growth.


Traffic to the website doubled from 732 visitors in July 2023 to over 1500 by January 2024.

From August to January, 347 form submissions were received, with 84 coming in January alone.

$71.27 cost per lead, not counting calls received


  • Despite being a successful practice with many doctor referrals, Sleep Apnea Solutions struggled with direct-to-patient marketing.
  • Previous marketing efforts with other companies did not yield the desired results, necessitating a fresh strategy to diversify patient acquisition channels.
  • A 2nd location in North Kansas City would be opening soon, with no plan for building a presence.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Website and Content Overhaul: Sleep Apnea Leads took charge of the website, enhancing content and structure for better SEO and user engagement.
  • Local Presence Expansion: Built the online presence for the new North Kansas City location from scratch and enhanced local SEO for broader coverage.
  • Activated Google Ads: Created immediate visibility across the Kansas City metro for patients seeking sleep apnea testing and treatment, resulting in a huge lift in conversions.
  • Patient Conversion System: Implemented a system that significantly increased lead conversion, leveraging past leads through the “Use It or Lose It” campaign.

The Challenges

Sleep Apnea Solutions, led by Dr. Rachelle Brown in Kansas City, is a successful sleep practice thriving on physician referrals but lacks a successful direct-to-patient marketing program. Previous marketing efforts with other agencies failed to deliver the desired outcomes, necessitating a fresh strategy to enhance the patient pipeline and diversify acquisition channels.

The practice faced the challenge of opening a second location in North Kansas City without a marketing plan or team to establish its presence. This situation demanded a strategic approach to effectively reach and engage potential patients in both Overland Park and the downtown area of North Kansas City, ensuring the practice’s continued growth and market expansion.

The Strategy

Revamping the Foundation

To overcome these challenges, Sleep Apnea Solutions enrolled in our Dominance Program to revamp its online presence and launch targeted marketing campaigns. The partnership started with a website refresh, with rewritten content and new pages highlighting their offerings for patients seeking different solutions.

Introducing a Sleep Apnea Screener on the website effectively captured leads higher in the funnel and nurtured them with our Patient Conversion System, facilitating conversion through the Sleep Apnea Solutions team’s skilled efforts.

An essential move was to prominently display the practice’s in-network status with major insurance providers on the website, including Medicare and Tricare, addressing a frequent concern we see across the board for all patients seeking treatment.

Next, we worked on developing a solid local online presence, especially for the new North Kansas City location, ensuring visibility across various platforms. Our processes enabled us to take what is usually an increasingly complex, time-consuming task for practice owners and make it happen quickly and painlessly, gaining visibility not just on Google but Bing, Apple, and hundreds of other directories across the web.

With the foundation laid, we activated Google Ads and continued our content and SEO strategy to increase visibility quickly to drive new patients.

Results Explode

The outcomes of these strategies were transformative, with website traffic doubling in six months and a surge in patient engagement through form submissions totaling nearly 350 from August 2023 through January 2024. 

The “Use It or Lose It” campaign in our Patient Conversion System, which re-engaged previous leads with personalized outreach, resulted in a significant increase in appointments, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness in boosting patient intake.

The strategic marketing initiatives addressed Sleep Apnea Solutions’ immediate challenges and positioned the practice for sustained growth. The partnership’s success is evident in the doubled website traffic and increased patient leads, underscoring the impact of targeted digital marketing strategies in healthcare.