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Case Study

Sleep Apnea Leads + Sleep Cycle Center

Sleep Cycle Centers & Sleep Apnea Leads

Learn how partnering with Sleep Apnea Leads took Sleep Cycle Centers’ marketing and revenue operations to the next level.

The Results

80+ Qualified Leads per Month

$1.5m In Potential Revenue

40+ Oral Appliances Delivered

The Challenge

Sleep Cycle Center entered 2020 with a referral-only approach to new business development and looked for a partner to help them reach the emerging Sleep Apnea Dentistry market in Austin, Texas.

The primary challenge was building a marketing program that is not only lead generating but also effective in closing the leads once they get there.

Historically, sleep apnea marketing has failed because the market lacks desire and urgency. Most marketing programs can only show interest, but do not follow through to drive revenue.

Empty phone calls and moderately interested form submissions filled Dr. Denman’s time with very few leads actually making and following through with their appointments.

SAL dug under the numbers, got to know the market with a consultatory approach and optimized around strategies that brought qualified leads and took contacts and nurtured them through their Sleep Apnea Dentistry journey.


The Strategy

Generating Qualified Leads

Building a local presence and driving leads from scratch requires a holistic approach, and that’s exactly what we employed.

Starting with the website and local digital presence, Sleep Apnea Leads gave Sleep Cycle Center a wholesale refresh – including recoding and building their website from scratch. While undergoing that process, Sleep Apnea Lead’s local program was being built to standardize the local presence, install tracking and analytics goals, and establishing all of the items needed to build a successful marketing plan.

On the advertising front, we took a full funnel approach – targeting users at different stages of their sleep apnea journey from snorers who didn’t know about obstructive sleep apnea at all to CPAP defectors looking for a more adoptable solution to their problems.

Search Engine Optimization rounded out the strategy with long-form content being created on a cadenced basis to target long-tailed keywords, conversational searches, and establish Sleep Cycle Center as an expert in the Sleep Apnea Dentistry field.

Building a Lead System

Having potential leads fill out the Sleep Screener wasn’t enough – we were getting tons of leads that would take the screener and then decide not to follow through. We had to come up with a system to turn this interest into conversions.

By leveraging a complex mix of multi-channel marketing campaigns we settled on two facts:

  1. Sleep Apnea Dental Marketing must be frictionless
  2. How leads are handled at the office-level is crucial to converting patients from curious to appointment

Potential patients were proven to bounce as soon as there was any friction – so we took a training-first approach to addressing marketing messaging – streamlined the landing page process – and then created a full Patient Liason training and development program to convert leads into appointments.

These operational improvements paired with SAL’s Digital Presence efforts resulted in Sleep Cycle Centers’ best ever year and positioned them for long-term growth.

Web Redesign & Refresh

Build a strong digital storefront with easy to access calls-to-action

Local Presence

Focus on Google My Business and Local SEO presence for “near me” and contextual searches

Pinpoint Targeted Advertising

Using audience data and strategic investments, advertising brings in qualified leads

New Patient Conversion Program

Continuous call listening, rating, and 1-on-1 training with team to optimize patient conversion from lead to new patient