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Why Don’t Patients Get Treated For Sleep Apnea?

Dec 15, 2023 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

Millions of people are affected by sleep apnea yet choose not to move forward with treatment or seek help.

In this article, we dive into why patients hold back from seeking support, guidance, and treatment and consider ways to reduce the stress patients experience on their treatment journey.

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1. Patients Are Overwhelmed With Information

There is a lot of information out there on sleep apnea that can be highly overwhelming to patients. Social media has become a primary source for health experts to get their teachings across, leading to a mass of information coming from all directions.

Billboards and TV ads preach about various treatments and try their best to market their products and services. There are “must try” medicines and “how to” methods to relieve sleep apnea, confusing patients about what information is valuable and what action they should take.

Most patients trust the advice and guidance of their primary care physician. However, they are often left with medical bills and expenses. Although a primary care physician is a trained medical expert and should be your guide when beginning your sleep apnea treatment journey, there are other options available that patients need to be made aware of.

Lack of Information About Dentists and Their Role as Sleep Experts

Does your community know that dentists can be experts on sleep apnea?

There is very little information on dentists’ work for sleep apnea patients because of their primary care focus and association with teeth, gums, etc., ignoring that dentists are truly the gatekeepers of the airway and are regularly in the best position to see the warning signs of sleep apnea.

“When we started Sleep Apnea Leads, we were shocked by the number of people we met with personal sleep apnea stories. Their partners, parents, and family members – They all knew someone who has sleep apnea – They were shocked when we told them we worked with dentists who solved this problem. ‘Dentists? How?’ they’d ask!’” – Lane Rizzardini, Co-Owner of Sleep Apnea Leads.

At Sleep Apnea Leads, we encourage and support trusted sleep apnea brands to help patients on their treatment journey.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our article on the 3 Stages of the Sleep Treatment Decision Journey.

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Our content uses easy-to-understand information to teach patients about sleep apnea. The content directs patients to contact the practice for the help, support, and care they need to receive treatment.

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