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Your Website a Year From Now

Feb 2, 2024 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

Now that your brand and website are complete and you’ve been seeing new patients, it’s essential that you remember to keep on top of your website and update it with new SEO-written content.

Websites must evolve over time; every successful site is a working project! Updating, adding, removing, and testing new pages and features is key to keeping your website performance strong and growing.

Don’t Let Your Website Become Stale!

Internal and external factors explain why letting your website get stale can be detrimental. Your business is growing, you may be adding members to your team, adding new locations, or finally getting that photographer out to your office to take pictures. You may be using new devices, new treatment options, or new equipment, all of these things can and should be added to the website not only to keep your patients updated and informed on your practices but also to continue scaling your website with keywords and following Google’s algorithm.

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An Under-Performing Site

Basic maintenance is easy to keep up, but what about if the site isn’t performing as well as you hoped? 

Consistently adding to and editing the site is messaging can be beneficial to improving your website and your brand. We often see a couple of pages become the breadwinners for traffic and conversions on many sites. 

Outside of your homepage and brand name, getting traffic to those sub-pages for treatment, testing, and more can be much like going to the gym – you aren’t going to see change unless you’re consistent with working on it and trying to improve.

As we live in a fast-paced technological world where technology is ever changing it is difficult to keep up with trends and Google’s algorithm updates. These external factors can disrupt your website’s visibility and cause you to fall behind your competitors over time.

It is also essential to be aware of your competitors and the market. Below are a few important areas that can burden your growth:

  1. Be aware of new competitors in the field
  2. How are your competitors marketing themselves online?
  3. Who is their target audience and why? Is it the same as yours? 
  4. Keywords – Are there new keywords your competitors are using that you aren’t?
  5. Are your competitors offering a new service that you haven’t considered?
  6. What are their costs like?

Competition can be healthy because it suggests a growing market – However, be careful not to fall behind and lose your patients to competitors.

The aim is to find your target audience and dedicate your brand, website, and content to that group of people. If your competitors target old people who suffer from sleep apnea, why not target pediatric sleep apnea to get a step ahead when it comes to marketing your business?

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