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Naming Your Sleep Brand: Two Ways to Choose the Best Name For Your Sleep Practice

Dec 15, 2023 | Sleep Apnea Marketing

Have you found yourself dreaming about building a new company or project and struggling to find a way to capture your ideas in a single name? You’re not alone. Naming your sleep brand can be one of the most intimidating parts of starting this journey. 

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The Importance of Choosing a Name With Meaning

You could develop a perfect name that encapsulates your idea, but without meaning, the name will fall short of becoming a successful brand.

Establishing a solid mission and laying out the vision helps create a name with a foundation, a set of values, and a meaning.

Choosing a name for your sleep company and brand can be extremely difficult. Here are a few questions* to help and support you in choosing the right name for your company before the doors are open:

  • How do you want patients to feel when they see your practice name?
  • How do you want your staff to feel when they tell others the company they work for?
  • How do you want your community to feel when they see you sign?

This is where words like holistic, wellness, rescue, and aspirational phrases start to appear and can be built into your brand name to put that sentiment front and center for your patients, staff, and doctors to deliver that message.

*There are far more questions to consider when building your sleep brand. Check our our Sleep Brand Questionnaire we use with every new client to build successful sleep brands.

What You Need For a Successful Sleep Business Name

At the core, a few requirements for a successful brand name will give you a leg up on marketing. Despite insisting otherwise, Google relies heavily on brand names in their algorithm to determine what businesses should show for what searches, so choosing the perfect brand name to capture your niche will support you in marketing your practice.

Requirement 1: Have Sleep in Your Name

We’re sleep experts who solve sleep problems, so having the word sleep in your name probably makes intuitive sense already. But it’s also critical to show up for searches that include sleep in them.

If you search for any keywords you want your sleep practice to show up for, it’s a near certainty all of the local businesses shown in the maps will have sleep in their name, even if they are a dentist.

Trying to use your dental office brand almost certainly assures you won’t be able to show up in the maps (for free) for these critical searches, no matter what you do with your website. We recommend every new brand incorporate this strategy into their brand naming exercise. 

Requirement 2: Add Your Local Community

Aside from having sleep in your brand name, adding your local city or community is a fantastic way to gain traction on your website from people in the area.

In digital marketing terms, this is called a “hyperlocal” search. Most people in larger metroplexes will search using their local city rather than the most prominent city name.

Adding your local city to your brand name will target those closest to you.

That said, if your local city is very small and is in an area with a high density of communities, it can limit your reach as you grow. You don’t want to go so hyperlocal that expanding to the larger patient pool is difficult. 

Instead, add the region to your company name. For example, a doctor based in Shenandoah, Houston, chose to add “Houston” in her company name over Shenandoah because of its larger reach. 

Doctors in rural areas can use the state name in the company name because of the area size the doctor may cover. 

There are tools out there that can help you understand search volume by city, county, state, and more, and combining that data with your desired patient pool and area can help support you in finding what town/city/state name is best to add to your domain.

Step 3: How Do You Want Your Brand to Feel?

Once you have added “sleep” and an area to your name, you can then decide how you want your brand to feel.

We recommend keeping your brand name as short as you can – think about how it will look on a business card or letterhead. There is a reason a lot of highly successful brands are one word – they want to become a verb. 

Keeping the brand name short will help patients remember your name and help you build a community.

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